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Ice cream cup forming machine

Cone Winding Machine

Ice cream cup forming machine
Ice cream cup forming machine  
CP - 1500
Cone Size & Angle
Min.100mm, Max.255mm, 15˚~28˚
Production Speed
General Paper, Aluminum Foil Paper, Dry Wax Paper(80~170g/㎡)
Sealing Method
Hot Melt Spray Sealing
Control System
PLC / Inverter / Sensor
Electrical Requirement
Compressed Air
Approx.200L/Min, 5HP

Ice cream cup forming machine of CUPO TECH runs a whole procedure of
- Paper-feeding
- Cup-fan-wall sealing
- Oiling
- Bottom-punching
- Heating
- Rolling
- Rimming
- Rounding and
- Tipping



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