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Paper Cup M/C

Plastic Lid
Thermoforming M/C

Paper Sleeve M/C

Paper Cup Inspection M/C

Handle Cup M/C

Paper Lid(Cap) M/C

Blank Punching M/C

Printing & Punching M/C

Cone Winding M/C

Ice Tube M/C

Take Away Box M/C

Paper Tray & Bowl M/C

Lunch Box M/C




  • Paper cup forming machine
  • Paper cup machine (015 Series)

  • Paper cup forming machine
  • Paper cup machine (025 Series)

  • Printing and punching machine
  • Printing and punching machine

  • Ice cream cup forming machine
  • Cone winding machine

Paper cup forming machine manufacturer | CUPO TECH CO.,LTD.

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CUPO TECH CO.,LTD. is established in 1993, and a privately held manufacture and exporter of Paper cup forming machine, Plastic Lid Thermoforming machine, Paper sleeve machine, Paper cup inspection machine, Handle cup m/c, Paper Lid m/c, Punching machine, Printing and Punching Machine, Ice cream cup forming machine, Ice Tube M/C, Take away box M/C, Paper tray forming machine and Lunch Box M/C and other related machinery in cooperation with a subsidiary company. Our accumulated technologies and experience guarantee the highest quality products at very competitive prices. Therefore, we have exported about 1000 sets of equipment to the world-wide customers since 1993 and have risen to be at the head of this field in Korea. We employ more than forty employees, including 12 high-skilled engineers and 3 QA staff, at its headquarters in Seoul and production in nearby Kyunggido province. We are opened by your interest and also are happy to accommodate your requests regarding any of our products



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